The Course

Built in 1884, Oakhurst Links is a unique 30-acre course, museum and clubhouse listed on the National Register of Historic Places located just a few miles north of The Greenbrier.

Russell Montague, the original owner, learned about golf in Scotland and built the course with some local friends before any other course existed in America. Guests of The Greenbrier then thought golf was an oddity –  so rare was the game at that time.  The first competition at Oakhurst was held in 1888 in the Scottish match play tradition, and Montague and his friends played on their course for many years.Today, conventional golf clubs are not used at Oakhurst. Instead, players use hickory-shafted clubs and hit gutta-percha balls off tees fashioned from sand and water the same way it was done more than 130 years ago.

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