Formats & Divisions

The National Hickory Championship offers competition in four divisions:

Three Championship Divisions

The Open Championship Division is a 36–hole scratch competition playing for the title of America’s National Hickory Champion using 19th century equipment and rules.

The Gentlemen’s Reserve Division and the Ladies’ Reserve Division also use 19th century equipment and rules; these Divisions are scored on a handicap basis for 36 holes.

The Sporting Division is open to men and women and features two nine–hole rounds for seniors and those not wishing to climb the hills twice in the same day.

Elmore Just Foursomes

The Elmore Just Foursomes Competition is staged on the practice day (Thursday) prior to the Championship rounds. Two–player teams play the historic foresomes format of alternate stroke for fun, prizes, and an appreciation of how golf was played in the early 19th century.