The National Hickory Championship was established in 1998 to bring together golfers who enjoy playing golf in historic conditions, the way it was played before the turn of the last century. Playing according to 19th century rules and using authentic 19th century equipment makes the NHC the sternest test of hickory golf contested anywhere. Open to all, the NHC draws the most ardent and accomplished wood shaft golfers from across America and Canada.

Competitive, yet fun, it is America’s hickory championship—the ultimate test of hickory golf. Contestants in the Championship play 36 holes in two days. Clubs must be original 19th century or approved replicas (available at Oakhurst, no charge, if you don’t have your own set) and all players use the same modern–made, low compression gutta–percha type balls supplied by the Championship. Tee shots are struck from sand tees. No golf bags are allowed so players carry clubs under their arm in the manner of the 1880s. There is a simple dress code. Although period costumes are not required, many golfers dress appropriately and prizes are presented to the “best dressed.” The NHC is like no other hickory golf tournament here, in Britain, or anywhere else in the world; it is authentic, competitive, historic, unique, and above all, fun!


Philadelphia Cricket Club’s historic St. Martins Course; “The Cricket Club” is the oldest country club in the United States, founded in 1854. The St. Martins Course, laid out in 1897 by Willie Tucker, hosted the 1907 and 1910 US Open Championships as an 18-hole layout. Since then it has been reduced to nine holes, four of which remain virtually untouched from those Opens. The course has recently undergone a restoration to older conditions, perfect for hickory play, by architect Keith Foster.

Oakhurst Links is America’s oldest documented golf course, first played in the early 1880s. It is the site of America’s first recognized golf competition, the Oakhurst Challenge, and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Oakhurst is now one of the Greenbriar courses.