The 23rd National Hickory Championship respects worldwide pandemics but is undaunted. Therefore, the NHC Quo-Na-Vadis will be conducted remotely in 2020. Whither goest the player, the NHC will follow! 
Conditions of the 2020 NHC Competition:
Venue: Any 18-hole or 9-hole golf course* in the world, per player selection 
The Game: 19th Century Gutta Percha Golf (balls and clubs per NHC Equipment Standards) 

Standard Distance: All players will complete four medal play rounds of 9 holes over 2,235 yards, replicating the NHC’s birthplace, Oakhurst Links in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. The player (or player group) is responsible for locating two buckets on each hole’s teeing ground, measuring Oakhurst yardages to the center of each of the nine greens: 

Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Distance 226 322 106 291 235 269 251 356 179
*It is essential that all players compete over identical hole lengths in the same sequence. If a hole on the player’s 18-hole course is too short to accommodate the required distance, if the required teeing ground would be located in a hazard or cause a forced carry in excess of 75 yards, move to the next hole on the course. In these instances on a 9-hole course, holes may be “flipped” in order so all 9 holes are played. 
  • Open Division: Low Medal Score, Top 10 Places 
  • Men’s Reserve Division: Net Handicap Medal Score, Top 10 Places 
  • Ladies’ Reserve Division: Net Handicap Medal Score, Top 10 Places 

Process of Play: 

  • Round One:
    • Thursday, June 11 (complete 2 nines by 4:00 p.m. USA central time) 
  • Round Two: 
    • Friday, June 12 (complete 2 nines by 4:00 p.m. USA central time) 
  • Tiebreaker: 
    • Scorecard playoff beginning on a drawn hole from one of four 9-hole rounds
  • Scorecard Return: 
    • Electronic submission by 4:00 p.m. USA Central time on both days of play

NHC Quo-Na-Vadis Social Distancing Togetherness 

  • Czar Zoom Call No. 1: 7:00 p.m. USA Central on Wednesday, June 10 (Welcome to the 23rd NHC)
  • Czar Zoom Call No. 2: 7:00 p.m. USA Central on Thursday, June 11 (Day 1 and Hickory News) 
  • Czar Zoom Call No. 3: 7:00 p.m. USA Central on Friday, June 12 (Day 2, Awards and Next Year) 

Player Responsibility 

  • Golf Course: 
    • The player selects any sloped and rated golf course in the world and sets nine tees 
  • Tee Setting: 
    • One person stands in the middle of the green, and one person stands in the fairway with a Distance Measuring Device. Yardage markers may also be used.
  • Golf Equipment: 
    • Balls and clubs per NHC Equipment Standards: Gutta Percha Golf Only! 
  • Course Equipment: 
    • 18 buckets for 9 holes, filling one with sand and one with water on nine tees 
  • Attire: 
    • In accord with the NHC Dress Code. See a discussion of dress [here]
  • Rules: 
    • Please see the rules as posted [here]
  • Scorecard: 
    • Witnessed by an unrelated marker or a fellow NHC competitor
    • [Scorecard]
  • Daily Submissions: 
    • Photo of the player on the course and witnessed scorecard, with score submission
  • Submission Deadline: 
    • 4:00 p.m. USA Central time on June 11 and on June 12 
  • Submission Site: 
    • Via Golf Genius (details to follow and subject to adjustment) 
  • Restrictions:
    • No golf bags or buggies/golf carts are permitted in Open Division
    • Distance measuring devices are not permitted during play
    • Observe COVID-19 Social Distancing in compliance with local course rules

Equipment Sources

  • Balls: 
    • McIntyre Golf (attention: Dave Brown)
      • Open Division – Park Gutta Percha Ball
      • Reserve Division – Park or Braid Gutta Percha Ball 
  • Gutty Clubs: 
  • Sand Tee Buckets: 
    • 18 are needed, at two per hole (estimated to cost less than $125.00)
    • Players may also carry a pouch or bucket of moist sand for tees, but teeing grounds must still be marked in some fashion 
  • Entry Process Entry fee:
    • $80.00 (covers administration, awards and a participation memento) 
  • Entry Form: 
  • Entry Details: 
  • Entry Deadline: 
    • May 31, 2020 
  • Online Postings: 
    • 2020 Program, Scorecards, NHC Rule Book, Dress and Equipment Standards (Check the 2020 Archive)

NHC Quo-Na-Vadis Tournament Committee: 

    • Pete Georgiady, Official Czar and Tournament Director Rob Ahlschwede, Tom Johnson, John Crow Miller, Russ Ravert, Ross Snellings, Mike Stephens