Thanks for your interest in the 2021 NHC. This year there will be competitions both locally at The Mound and virtually.


Entry Form:

Entry Form 2021 The Mound

Entry Form 2021 Remote QNV



2021 Equipment and Dress Guidelines

More information can be found in the newsletter in our 2021 Archives.


Order of Events:

Thursday, June 10
10:00 AM: International Feathery Challenge
12:00 PM: Mike & Elmore Foursomes Followed by open practice until 4:00 PM
6:00—8:00 PM: Welcome Reception at the Mound Clubhouse Patio with Lasagna

Friday, June 11
10:00 AM: Competitive Rounds 1 & 2
6:00 PM: Championship BBQ/Dinner at The Mound clubhouse patio

Saturday, June 8
10:00 AM: Competitive Rounds 3 & 4
4:00 PM: Awards Presentation Mound Clubhouse


International Feathery Challenge:

We tried to inaugurate the International Feathery Challenge last year but COVID19 got in the way. We will do it this year barring any last minute unforeseen problems. The featheries are here—the second generation balls from Richard Jones in Australia. As you complete your entry form and you fill in the IFC box please let me know if you desire to purchase ball or two. The rules are pretty simple and parallel many of the rules in the past year’s NHC rule book.

The biggest differences include that players are restricted to use only three clubs and no relief is given from obstructions, moveable or immoveable. The course will be played from the 150 yard mark on most holes, shorter on the 3-par holes. Balls cost $40 and the good news is that the Mound is fairly forgiving and minimizes the risk of losing a ball, especially from the 150 mark. In 2019 we held a mini-foursomes competition with Richard’s first generation balls and reported back to him on their playability and durability. He’s improved on the durability of the stitching and cover.

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